1st Grade

First grade students just finished analyzing a painting called The Starry Night by Vincent VanGogh and discussed the different types of lines, shapes and colors in his work.  Students used this information to create their own version of a night sky with oil pastels and watercolor.  Students finished their work by adding a tree and a village in black paper and oil pastels.

Finally fall is here! Students listened to the book "Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!" by Kenard Pak.  This book has beautiful illustrations of what happens outside when summer transitions to fall.  After discussing what they observed in the book, students learn how to make a realistic tree.  Students will get the choice of materials on how to create fall leaves on their tree, using paint, tissue paper, construction paper, or a combination of a few materials.  

First grade students read the book, "A Day with no Crayons" by Elizabeth Rusch.  This is a story of a little girl who loves art, and who has her crayons taken away from her one day.  At first she is very sad because she cannot draw.  Soon she learns she can create art in other ways! Students then created their own art using ONLY scraps of paper. There were some amazingly creative results!! Look for them on the Artsonia website!

2016-2017 (Kindergarten)
April and May:
In April, kindergarten students read the book "Planting a Rainbow" by Lois Ehlert and created gardens using cut paper collage.  Students were taught that flower come in all different shapes and sizes, and there is no such thing as a perfect flower.  They had some very creative artwork! They can be found on the Artsonia website.  

In May, students created painted symmetrical butterfly wings with tempera paint, you can find their artwork here.  Students are finishing up the year using a green screen and putting pictures of themselves on their butterfly wings using a green screen app.  Students uploaded their finished products onto Artsonia with step by step instructions from Mrs. Bataoel! 

In preparation for the spring season, students learned three different ways to draw a bunny rabbit.  Next, students decided which rabbit they would like to create on a large piece of paper.  Students are currently finishing their rabbit artwork with watercolor paint and oil pastels.  Look for pictures soon!

Kindergarten students have been studying the art of sculptures, and discussing the similarities and differences between sculptures, paintings, and drawings.  Students explored with blocks, legos, and play-doh to create their own sculptures in rotating stations.  Finally, students created their own sculptures with strips of paper to take home.  Their artwork can be found on the Artsonia website.  Please let me know if you need information on how to find their artwork online!

Students learned about the country China and their very important holiday, Chinese New Year!  They were introduced to The Story of Nian, learned how the people prepare and celebrate, and were taught about the Chinese zodiac calendar. 2017 is the year of the Rooster, and students created their own beautiful feathers on paper using chalk pastels.  

Students were introduced to the Poinsettia plant and discussed the colors and shape of the leaves.  Students learned that Poinsettia plants are from Mexico and read "The Legend of the Poinsettia" by Tomie dePaola to learn more about how this beautiful plant came to be a holiday tradition.  Finally, students created their own poinsettias by using torn paper and glue.  

November begins the Native American Unit in kindergarten classrooms and there are so many lessons that we could do in the art room inspired by Native American Art! I have narrowed it down to pinch pots, that post can be found here, but the students also work collaboratively to make a Native American landscape mural.  

Students created murals inspired by what they learned through their Native American Unit in the classroom.  The students created by rotating to different stations; land, water, sky, and shelter.  All areas that were important to the Native Americans.  

Original Works Project:
Kindergarten students will read "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell and use the book as our inspiration for our Original Works Project.  Students will create their own owl using tempera paint, in any color of their choice.  Stay tuned for photos of their completed work!! They are sure to be adorable!

During the second half of October, kindergarten students are introduced to the art element COLOR and learn how to mix colors.  Students are learning about the primary colors, secondary colors, and the color wheel. 
First, students made orange, purple, and green with red, blue, and yellow food coloring.

Currently, students are experimenting by mixing primary colors to produce orange, green, and purple with tempera paint on paper.  

Early October:
Kindergarten students are continuing to learn and explore the elements of art, and in early October, they were introduced into the element SHAPE.  Students explored what they could create using shapes in art by different stations including cutting, drawing, creating with play doh, and engaging in different shape apps on the iPads.  
Click here to find photos of the students hard at work in art!

August and September:
Line Drawings created by Kindergarten Students using Oil Pastel and colored paper.

Right away in art class, kindergarten students are introduced to the art element LINE, and learn how important lines are in a work of art.  Students then explore many ways to see and create lines using many types of media.  One of their favorite ways to make lines is outside on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk! Here are a few pictures of Kindergarteners exploring with lines outside our school building.


Kindergarten also explored creating lines with thin strips of paper.  Students were able to create 3-dimensional lines using glue and bending/folding the paper lines into different directions.