The focus in Kindergarten art is Process over Product.  
For most of the first semester in Kindergarten art, students are exploring and discovering all that the art room has to offer.
Kindergarten students are exploring the element TEXTURE during the month of November.  Students are learning about real texture, the way something actually feels, and also implied texture, the way something appears to feel.  Students used texture rubbings to create texture monsters, and completed their artwork with materials with different textures.  Students also created pinch pots out of clay to correspond with their Native American Unit they are studying in their regular classrooms.  Students learned how the Native Americans made containers out of clay they found deep in the earth.  Students learned a simple way to make a container called a pinch pot.  Pinch pots will be on display during the Native American performance at school.

During the month of October, Kindergarten students have been exploring the concept of Lines and Shapes in art.  Currently, students are engaged in shape stations, discovering all the different ways you can use shapes in art. Drawing, cutting and gluing, matching, and building designs with shapes are included in these stations.

Kindergarten student are learning about the expectations and procedures in the art room while also exploring the art element of color.  Students are learning how to mix the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) to make secondary colors (orange, purple and green).  Ask them to name the primary colors, and then ask them how to make orange, green, and purple! Hopefully most will know the answer.