6th Grade

CLAY!! 6th grade students are creating beautiful coil pots out of clay.  Their coil pots must be functional, have a handle or a lid, and be at least six inches in height.  

Students started the school year with a discussion on how it is okay to be different than their peers, and we should celebrate those differences instead of shaming them.  Their first project of the year was to create inspirational posters to hang up around the school for all students and staff to see.  Students had a wide range of supplies to choose from in finishing their posters. 

2017-2018 (5th Grade)

Students were introduced to the slab building technique for clay to create their own box container.  Students will finish their design by adding personal images and designs to the outside and inside of their box.  
Students examined the art element of Value and created a value scale by mixing a color with white or black.  Students could also choose to just work with white or black to create a grayscale.  Next, using their value scale as a reference, students were challenged to create their own painting with just Tints and Shades.  Finished artwork can be found on the Artsonia student gallery. 

After reviewing what they have learned over the last few years about Chinese new year, students created Paper cutouts inspired by the Chinese folk art that has been done for centuries. Students were surprised to discover that it is much harder than one would think to make intentional cuts and shapes in a piece of paper!


At the end of October, students were introduced to Dia De Los Muertos, a very important holiday in Mexico and many other European countries, also known as The Day of the Dead, or All Saints Day.  Students discussed the similarities and differences between Dia De Los Muertos and our American holiday that is around the same time, Halloween. Students also discussed the beautiful artwork and sugar skulls, created for this special day.  They then designed their own sugar skulls using symmetry, bright colors, and symbolism.  Students had the option to create their skulls in memory of a loved one if they wanted to.  

Sugar skull art can be found here

September and October: (Original Works Option)
Fifth grade students are learning about Pablo Picasso, one of the most influential and famous paintings of the 20th century.  Students had a choice to create a still life, a portrait, or they could incorporate a musical instrument into their artwork.  These three options were often used in Picasso's artwork.  
Students could also choose to cut up their art and re-arrange it on a new piece of paper, inspired by the art technique Picasso invented in the early 1900s with another artist, George Braque.

Examples of artwork created by 5th grade students

Picasso Cubism Painting
Here is an example of one of his Cubism paintings.

Did you know?
-Pablo Picasso created over 20,000 works of art in his lifetime, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and ceramics.
-His first word was "pez" which means pencil in Spanish.
-His full name has 23 words.
-He invented a movement of art, called Cubism, where the paintings looked as they were cut up into small squares and rearranged around the canvas.
To learn more, click here

2015-2016 (4th Grade)
Students learned about Noah Brooks' grandmother who makes found object sculptures.  Students used any object they could find in the art room and any objects they could bring from home to create their own sculptures!

Fourth grade students were introduced to the living artist (from Bloomington, Illinois!) Harold Gregor.  They learned about his many types of landscape paintings, including flatscapes, colorscapes, and Panoramas. Click here to visit his website and to see examples of his artwork.  Students also learned the different parts to landscape art including horizon line, foreground, middle ground, and background.  
Finally, students created their own landscapes, including all the different parts they learned about in class. Some students made their landscapes realistic, while some chose to make them abstract.  
On October 26, students took a field trip to Bloomington, IL to meet and visit Harold Gregor's at his Gallery and see his artwork in person! Students also visited another local artist, Herb Eaton at the Eaton Gallery.   Click here to see how the field trip went.

Below are some examples of landscapes from 4th grade!

Click on the links below for artwork created during previous years in the art room.

In third grade, students created self portraits after learning about artist Frida Kahlo.  Students turned their self portraits into talking heads using the iFun Face app on the iPads! Below are the videos created by the students in Mrs. Holtke's room last year.  

In second grade, students used the Skitch app to add words to their Dr. Seuss inspired painted fish. Click on the link above to see their artwork!