Class of 2023

Students were introduced to the art of stop-motion animation.  This is one of the larger projects for the end of their time at LeRoy Elementary School.  Students will begin filming their ideas on the iPads towards the end of March, check back to see what they were able to create!
Sixth grade students waited patiently for their coil pots they built in December to be put in the kiln and as soon as they finished their dragons for Chinese New Year, they could move on to complete their coil pots with acrylic paint or glaze.  Finished work is on display in the display case by the cafeteria.  Their artwork is very impressive!! 
Students made dragons for Chinese New Year. The Dragon is an important symbol to the Chinese culture for centuries.  It is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. Sixth grade students had a choice to create a dragon on paper with paint or drawing materials, or they could create a 3-dimensional dragon.  

December is the time that sixth grade students get to work with CLAY!!! Clay is always a favorite material and students look forward to this time every year.  By the time students are in sixth grade, the skills they learned with hand-building all lead up to this final project as it is their last year at LeRoy Elementary.  Students get to use the coil method to create any type of clay vessel they would like.  Their clay coil pot can be functional or not, and sometimes they change their mind as they are working.  Their is also no heigh requirement, I just ask the kids to "think big" and remember this is their last big clay project as a student at LES.  Check back for pictures!

October and November:

In sixth grade, students are introduced to a theme in art class, and can create anything of their choice that would fall into that theme.  This experience gives the students an incredible opportunity for personal success through problem solving and using their own ideas and interests to grow as artists and individuals.  

The theme for October is Architecture - the art or process of designing and constructing buildings or structures.  

Students were introduced to different types of buildings found throughout the world, built throughout history.  Students discussed the different ways they could create art using architecture as their theme - drawing, painting, sculpture, or combining different techniques or supplies.  Some students are choosing to work two-dimensional, and some students are attempting to create three-dimensional buildings.  But all students are working independently and creating something they will be proud of!

Students have been working on an individual project for the Original Works Program.  This year they are allowed to create whatever they would like to see on one of the products found in the catalog.  I give them the choice in sixth grade because in all the previous years, they have had guidelines on what they were required to create. Students reflected on what is important to them or what images could reflect their feelings, beliefs, and interests.  They then finished their artwork with paint, colored pencils, or other materials of their choice. 

2015-2016 (5th Grade)
Students created artwork on the iPad using a Photo Manipulation App. Click below for their artwork!

Students were sent on a web-quest to answer questions on the Mexican Holiday called The Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos.  Students learned about the history and traditions of this celebration of loved ones who have passed away.  We also discussed the differences between Dia de los Muertos and Halloween.  Students then drew their own skull head, a popular icon for this holiday, and decorated it using symbols typically found on the sugar skulls that are created for Dia de los Muertos.  

For more information on the history and traditions of The Day of the Dead, click here

Fifth grade students were given the word "Tree" as a theme for their Original Works project and brainstormed all the many ways they could use the word tree in their artwork.  Students were given a choice on what medium to use including watercolor paint, tempera paint, oil pastels, and colored pencils.  There were many unique finished products for this assignment that offered plenty of choices!


The Elements of Art and a Skitch App
5th grade students were introduced to the Elements of Art and used the Skitch app on the iPads to show the elements in a famous work of art.  Click on the link below to find their finished work.

Click on the links below for artwork created during previous years in the art room

2014-2015 iPad Photo Manipulation
In 4th grade, students learned about the artist George Rodrique and his famous Blue Dog paintings.  Students created their own Blue Dog inspired art and then put the animal they created onto their body and into a new background all using photo manipulation apps on the iPad!

In 3rd grade, students learned about the artist Georgia O'Keefe and the Glaze app on the iPad that will turn any picture to look like a painting.