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..Holiday Gift Shopping with LES Art!

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In the next few days your student will be coming home with a flyer for an opportunity for you to purchase their artwork on keepsake items that are perfect holiday gifts for family and friends, at a reasonable price! If you have not already created an account at Artsonia for your student, there will be a form attached to the flyer giving you directions on how to do so.  Every product purchased gives money directly back to the LES art room, and this is the one way Mrs. Bataoel funds the consumables used every day in the art room, and how she purchases iPads and apps for the iPads that the students use.  

Saturday Visual Art and Drama Classes at ISU

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If your child enjoys art and/or drama, Illinois State University offers a 5 week course on Saturday mornings for children grades K-8. This is an excellent program that I have enrolled my own children in when they were younger.  

The classes run every Saturday for 5 weeks starting September 9th from 9-10:50 (art) and 11-12 0r 12:30 (drama).  Students can sign up for both art and drama, or one or the other.  

Here is a link with sign up and more information:

Sign up quickly, I know there are a limited amount of spots.  

Totally Inspired by the Total Eclipse!

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On August 21, 2017, students in all grade levels learned about the solar eclipse that was happening in our area, and most students were able to view the solar eclipse with solar glasses, or watched the solar eclipse on TV.  This was a historic moment and we took the opportunity to create artwork inspired by what the students learned or saw with their own eyes.  Finished artwork is on display in the hallways of the school, in the Crumbaugh Library in downtown LeRoy, and also on Artsonia.  This was a quick first lesson that allowed the students to visually describe what they saw or learned, and also a great way to incorporate science and art!

..Introducing.... Artsonia! An online gallery for all student artwork

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All Kindergarten through sixth grade students have been posting their art projects on Artsonia, a website that not only allows us to share their artwork with friends and relatives, but also offers a wonderful way to earn funds for the art room through customized keepsakes.  This website will replace the Original Works Program that LES has participated in the last five years.  I decided to make a change because Artsonia allows friends and family members choose from multiple works of art, instead of just one.  Artsonia also gives me the opportunity to explain more on WHAT your student is doing in the art room and WHY.  I also prefer the opportunity for the students to create a title and write an artist's statement on their project, giving you additional insight, as well as giving the students an opportunity to reflect on what they did.  Students are learning some basic photography skills as well, because the pictures are taken by the students themselves, and then cropped to fit in the space provided.  
Please know that student artwork is only published with your permission!  If you did not receive an email asking for permission to publish online, please let me know!

If you choose to download the Artsonia app, you are able to also add any artwork done at home to your student's gallery, and I am always happy to add or have your student add the artwork themselves.  Please don't hesitate to bring any special creations to me for publishing. 

December update

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Wow! We have been busy in the art room this month, and the days are just flying by! Some classes are finishing up their amazing art projects, including stained glass windows in fourth grade, totem poles in third grade, and clay coil pots in sixth grade! You can learn more about those projects under the class links in the menu bar to the left.  Last week students helped create three collaborative works of art for the LeRoy Scholarship Auction last weekend.  I look forward to this event every year because the students do such an amazing job creating something for someone else to keep, and its a great lesson for them to realize sometimes when we create something that we are proud of, we need to share it with the community instead of keeping it!  


There is also new student artwork by kindergarten and second grade students hanging in the newly renovated Crumbaugh Library.  Be sure to stop in the library to see them on display! 

Kindergarten Native American Unit

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This is always a fun time of year in the art room for Kindergarten, because they get to use clay for the first time in art!  This lesson collaborates with the Native American unit the students are studying in their classroom.  Students learn that clay is from the earth, and Native Americans used clay to make many vessels including bowls and cups.  Students then get to make their own container using the pinch-pot method.  First, we practice the pinching technique with Play-doh, and once they are ready, the students get to create with clay.  After they are happy with the form of their vessel, they can use a tool to carve designs into their artwork, just like the Native Americans.  

After the clay has been fired in the kiln (a very hot clay oven), the students finished their artwork by choosing a color stain that symbolized Land (green), Sky and Water (blue) or Animals (red) - all things important to the Native Americans.  

click here to see some of the pinch pots!

They also made a collaborative mural, find that post here


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Every year about this time students and their families are given an opportunity to purchase items featuring their very own artwork, with proceeds going towards art room supplies including heavy duty construction paper, paint, clay, and other consumable supplies used by the students on a regular basis.  In the past, this opportunity has allowed me to purchase 15 iPad minis for the art classroom that are also used very often in art class.
This is an optional program, and many families in the past have ordered from Original Works for holiday gifts for grandparents and other family members that are sometimes hard to buy for.  

During the next week, students will be coming home with a green shiny bag filled with a catalog, an order form, and instructions on how to order. Artwork should be returned with the order form, but will be yours to keep once the items have arrived.  All products will be delivered to the school by early December, and will be sent home with your student.  


To learn more about what each grade level made for this opportunity, click on the links in the column to the left.  

To learn more about Original Works, go to


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Today is already the 13th day of school for the 2016-2017 school year, and my students are hard at
work in art class learning about the elements of art, famous artists throughout history, and getting back into the Art Room routines. I am excited to share what we are doing! Be sure to check out the grade level links throughout the school year to see what is happening in the art room!  

I have already posted what we are working on in kindergartenfirst grade, second grade and fourth grade, enjoy!

4th Grade iPad Art with the Brushes Redux App

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Fourth grade has been having a blast in art working with a photo manipulation app.  Students first used the tools in the Brushes Redux app on the iPad to put an animal head on their body, the animal they drew for an earlier project.  This animal was inspired by the artwork created by Lousiana artist George Rodrigue.  To learn more about his art, click here.  

Next, students found a new background for themselves with their animal heads.  All artwork can be found at the link below! Enjoy!

4th Grade Field Trip

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The fourth grade students took an afternoon field trip to visit two artists and their galleries from Bloomington, Illinois.  The first artist was Harold Gregor, who is a well known artist who creates many different types of landscapes.  He has even had his artwork hung in the White House! Harold Gregor is known for applying vivid colors to his art, and the fourth grade students studied his different types of landscapes while working on their own landscape art.  Many students used Harold Gregor's artwork as inspiration for their own landscape paintings.  

Students also visited local artist Herb Eaton, who enjoys painting what he knows.  This includes corn- in paintings, sculptures, and drawings.  Students also learned about creating art about your fears to help them not be afraid any longer.  Students were able to see an actual artist's studio with current artwork in progress. 

This was a very positive experience for our students and gave most of them their first opportunity to visit a gallery and see the artwork up close.  Students are encouraged to return to the galleries with their families to share what they learned!

Click here to see what 4th grade students created for their landscape unit!


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