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..Introducing.... Artsonia! An online gallery for all student artwork

posted Mar 3, 2017, 10:49 AM by   [ updated May 15, 2017, 1:11 PM ]
All Kindergarten through sixth grade students have been posting their art projects on Artsonia, a website that not only allows us to share their artwork with friends and relatives, but also offers a wonderful way to earn funds for the art room through customized keepsakes.  This website will replace the Original Works Program that LES has participated in the last five years.  I decided to make a change because Artsonia allows friends and family members choose from multiple works of art, instead of just one.  Artsonia also gives me the opportunity to explain more on WHAT your student is doing in the art room and WHY.  I also prefer the opportunity for the students to create a title and write an artist's statement on their project, giving you additional insight, as well as giving the students an opportunity to reflect on what they did.  Students are learning some basic photography skills as well, because the pictures are taken by the students themselves, and then cropped to fit in the space provided.  
Please know that student artwork is only published with your permission!  If you did not receive an email asking for permission to publish online, please let me know!

If you choose to download the Artsonia app, you are able to also add any artwork done at home to your student's gallery, and I am always happy to add or have your student add the artwork themselves.  Please don't hesitate to bring any special creations to me for publishing.