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Painting on the first day in Art??

posted Sep 2, 2015, 6:31 AM by
To start this school year in art, every class from kindergarten to sixth grade painted on the first day of art.  Usually, we have spent that time going over a seating chart, reviewing the expectations in art, and discussing what art means to them.  This type of beginning was much more exciting for the students, and got them creating right from the start!! 
First, we watched the video of Peter Reynolds' popular children's children's book, "The Dot" that many students are already familiar with.  This book discusses the importance of making your mark, whatever that might be.  Even if you are afraid to try something new, you have to start somewhere! 

The Dot Video

Then, students created their own dots with paint, markers, and oil pastels.  They were encouraged to make their art as unique as they could.  We talked about how each one of us is different and unique and have qualities that make us outstanding in our own way.  Look for the giant dot in the hallway created by all the students in the near future! Below is a sneak peak of what they have made...