2nd Grade

Second grade students are completing an art lesson on patterns and emotions with Ms. Sendy, our student teacher from Illinois State University.  Students first drew different types of patterns and discussed different types of feelings.  Students brainstormed different ways to create patterns that would reflect that emotion in their artwork.  They were introduced to self portraits, and then created their own self portraits with patterns in their crazy hair!

Second grade students were introduced to the concept of warm and cool colors.  Some colors are warm like the sun, and some are cool like the ocean.  Students could pick either warm or cool colors in tempera paints for the background for this project.  Next, students will add a realistic tree using black paint.  The results are stunning!  

Second grade students are studying the pop artist Wayne Thiebauld , who is known for painting cakes, pies, and other desserts.  Students will use his paintings as inspiration to create their own artwork of their favorite desserts, but in their own style.  

2016-2017 (1st Grade)

April and May:
April was a busy month for first grade as they learned how to draw Chameleons and fish!  Both projects can be found on the Artsonia website.   In May, they have been learning how to animate their fish drawings and add a green screen as a background on the iPad.  The results have been silly and a lot of fun! 

Animation artwork can be found Here

After waiting all school year for this time to arrive, first grade students were so excited to finally get to create something out of CLAY!!! Students built on their prior knowledge of the pinch pot method to create the most adorable clay animals. After the clay was cooked in the kiln, students painted their animals with acrylic paint.  Look for these fabulous animals on display at the upcoming K-2 Spring Concert / Art Spotlight on March 14!

Students created abstract works of art using lines, shapes, and color.  We discussed how sometimes art does not have to be a specific subject, or something we recognize.  Sometimes artwork is just something neat to look at.  We then looked at paintings by abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky to confirm this thought.  Students were asked to come up with a title for their completed work of art, and we had some excellent titles including, "The Terrible Monster" and "The Paper with All the Colors."  Artwork will be on display for the Spring Concert in the beginning of March.

 All over China in January, people are preparing for Chinese New Year by decorating their houses with red lanterns, red lights, and good luck signs in Chinese characters. In the sky, they light off fireworks and firecrackers to scare off the New Years Dragon, Nian!  First grade students studied houses from China, and discussed what was similar and different from our houses in LeRoy.  They created their own houses from China that are ready to celebrate Chinese New Year! Click Here to see pictures!

First grade students are working on a collaborative snowy scene inspired by a few books including "The Snowy Day" by Anna MIlborne and Elena Temporino and "The Biggest, Best Snowman" by Margery Cuyler.  They are creating their own parts to the artwork and will be combining everything together to hang in the hallway.  Check back for the finished products!

During the month of November, first grade students were introduced to the drawing studio.  This is a time in art class where they come in and decide what they would like to draw for the day.  This can be something they observe in front of them, and they can choose from a variety of objects I have for them including animals, flowers, blocks, and other everyday objects.  The students can also draw something from their memory, something from their imagination, or something they know about.  This gives them quite the variety of choices but helps them determine where to start.  After a few weeks of independently working, the drawings are complied into a book and students get to take their drawing books home to share!  I am always amazed at what they are possible of doing in first grade!

Sunflower Paintings by Vincent VanGogh  (For Original Works Program)
After learning about artist Paul Cezanne, students were introduced to artist Vincent VanGogh and his famous painting, Vase with Twelve Sunflowers.  

Next, students studied the sunflowers and discussed the shapes and colors VanGogh used in this painting.

Finally, students were able to create their own sunflower art by looking at artificial sunflowers in a vase on their art table.  Students first drew the sunflowers with crayon before creating a second work of art with tempera paint.  It was amazing to watch the students paint without using a pencil to first draw the flowers in front of them! Below are some photos from them working in class.


Still Life Paintings inspired by Paul Cezanne
First grade students were introduced to French Artist Paul Cezanne through a book, Cezanne and the Apple Boy by Laurence Anholt. This book is based loosely on real life events and the students are amazed to find out the story in the book "really happened!"  Paul Cezanne was known for creating still life paintings using simple circle shapes and bright colors.  Paul Cezanne also used a dark color to outline his fruit to create shadows, and sometimes he added colors to his fruit to make them look more realistic.  Currently, first grade students are working on their own still life paintings, using fruit, shapes, and color as their inspiration.  Here are a few photos of a class work-in-progress!


Students also created still life art on the iPad using a drawing and color mixing app.  Students were encouraged to draw circles and outlines for their fruit, bowls, and table.  Next, first grade students learned how to upload their finished artwork onto google drive.  Please click on the classroom link below to find their digital artwork!

Mrs. White                Miss Keller                    Mrs. Clarke

2015-2016 (Kindergarten)
During the month of November, the Kindergarten students learn about Native Americans in their classrooms.  In art, we create two works of art inspired by Native Americans.  First, the students learn about clay, where it comes from, and how the Native Americans used clay to create containers.  Students then are very excited to use "real clay!" to create their own pinch pot bowl.  The containers are finished with a natural color stain, again similar to what the Native Americans would have used.

Students are also introduced to how Native Americans in the Southwest used wool from sheep and goats to create woven blankets and rugs.  Next, they try their best at paper weaving, using an "over, under" pattern.  

Both of their artwork will be on display during their Native American Celebration the afternoon of November 20th.  

     Examples of kindergarten weaving and pinch pots.
For the Original Works project, kindergarten students combined the art
elements COLOR and SHAPE to make owls.  Kindergarten students are learning about night animals in their classrooms, and the colorful owls were a perfect art project to make connections with their classroom curriculum.  

Click here for a sneak peak at some of those owls!


Kindergarten students begin the year by learning about and exploring the important elements of art, including 


During our Shape unit, kindergarten students learned different ways we can discover shapes through exploratory play. Some students choose to learn about making different shapes with play doh.

Some students choose to study shapes with blocks.

Students could explore creating art with pre-cut shapes, crayons, and markers.
And students could use shape templates to outline and trace different shapes.

Here is a short video showing the Kindergarten Students exploring Shapes!



Check out the blog to see what they made during their first week in art class!